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office supplies stationery
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Stationery Printing
 Business Cards
 Compliment Slips
 Fax / Memo
 General Forms
 Memo Pad/Note Pad
 Message Slips
 Second Sheet
 Diary / Calendar
 Others - Ad-hoc
 Others - Regular
 Global Print Centre
Commerical Printing
 Brochure / Booklet
 Greeting / Invitation Card
 Leaflet / Pamphlet
 Poster / Signs
 Seminar / Event Material
Financial Printing
 Bill / Statement
 Financial Report
Packaging Printing
 Other Packaging
 Paper Shopping Bag
 Plastic Shopping Bag
 Paper Carton Box
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bigboXX can help you search for the product you are looking for or find any other information within our site e.g. forms or contacts within our 'business tools'

Here are some tips for using our search function:

Basic Search

> Searching for a product

  • Select the 'Search Product Catalogue' button in the blue search area
  • Enter the search term. This may be
    - bigboXX product no.
    - product description e.g. copy paper
    - brand e.g. 3M
    - model no.
  • Press 'go' to display results
  • Always try and be as precise as possible so as to narrow down the list of results

> Searching for information

  • Select the 'Search Rest of Site' button in the blue search area
  • Enter the search term e.g. government form or expense form etc
  • Press 'go' to display results

Advanced Search

bigboXX also allows for greater flexibility in searching, for example:

  • Enter 'and' between terms for more precise searching e.g. Xerox and paper will provide results of all items with both Xerox and the term paper in the description
  • Enter 'or' between terms for searching two brands e.g. HP or Epson will search all items of these brands
  • Again try to be precise in order to provide more useful results

If you cannot find an item on our site then you may like to contact us to enquire about the product you are looking for, please contact